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In Indonesia, young people have been involved in tobacco control issues for more than a decade. Youth involvement has been found with youth-led initiatives in many areas with various youth participations have been carried out, ranging from research, advocacy, and campaigns at national to international levels. However, the involvement of young people outside the beneficiaries is still rare. Activists involved in tobacco control are also dominated by those with health backgrounds.

Starting from a common awareness, a group of young activists together with the Indonesian tobacco control network held a seminar "The Role of Youth in the Tobacco Control Relay in Present and Future" on January 30, 2021.

This seminar invited 50 youth representatives from organizations/communities throughout Indonesia, as well as public figures who are experts in their fields.

The speakers who attended included Faisal Basri as an economist, dr. Widyastuti Soerojo as a senior advocate for Indonesian tobacco control, Anuradha Khanal as an international tobacco control advocate from the Campaign for Tobacco Free Kids, and Margianta Surahman Juhanda Dinata as Spokesperson for the FCTC Youth Movement.

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January, 2021


Youth Representative




IYCTC has a vision to advance tobacco control efforts in Indonesia through inclusive and meaningful youth participation.


IYCTC has several basic missions that are mutually agreed upon by coalition members, including:

  1. Gathering aspirations and participation of youth across backgrounds in tobacco control issues
  2. Empowering fellow young people so that their participation is meaningful in tobacco control issues
  3. Expanding the reach of youth participation in tobacco control issues so that

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